Employment Scheme for young Kenjinkai Members

To create opportunities to work for companies in Wakayama Prefecture for young members/children of members of overseas Kenjinkai, Wakayama Prefectural Government offers support such as provision of company information and translation of related information.

This scheme, established in 2018, aims to develop career of young members/children of members of Kenjinkai as well as help companies in Wakayama Prefecture to secure qualified human resources in their areas of expertise.

The scheme is intended for young members/children of members of Kenjinkai in North, Central and South America. Those who are from Kenjinkai of other prefectures are also applicable.

We are looking forward to application from motivated candidates who wish to work in Wakayama Prefecture utilizing their skills.

If you know any young members/children of members of Kenjinkai who are interested in working in Wakayama Prefecture, please kindly share this information with them.


The scheme is intended for young members/children of Wakayama Kenjinkai who meet the following conditions. Those who are from Kenjinkai from other prefectures are also applicable if recommended by Wakayama Kenjinkai.

  1. Those who have graduated or will graduate from a university before employment.
    (with a bachelor degree related to applicable occupation)
  2. Those who have English proficiency enough for business conversation
    (Preferred minimum scores: TOEFLE: 80, TOEIC: 730, IELTS: 6.0, etc.)
  3. Those who have Japanese proficiency enough for daily conversation

Outline of employment

  1. Type of Work
    Work applicable to the status of residence (working visa) "Engineer, Specialist in Humanities and International Services"
    [Example] Programming, mechanical/circuit design, architectural design, research and development of chemical products,
     marketing, tourism planning, product planning, trading, interpretation, translation, etc.
  2. Period of employment
    The standard period of employment is five years, which is the maximum period of stay for the status of residence.
    It can be extended by applying for extension of period of stay.


  1. Download [Employment scheme] and check the conditions such as Target and Outline of employment.
  2. Refer to [Company Information] below.
  3. If you find a company you want to apply for, download [Application Form] and fill it out.
  4. Ask the president of Kenjinkai to write a [Reference].
    (If you are the member of Kenjinkai of other prefectures, please receive [Reference] of Wakayama Kenjinkai through
    your Kenjinkai.)
  5. Turn in PDF files of [Application Form] and [Reference] by e-mail to International Affairs Division, Wakayama prefectural Government.
    (We will translate these documents as needed.)



International Affairs Division, Planning Department, Wakayama Prefectural Goverment
Phone (Direct Dial In) : +81 - 73 - 441 - 2057

Company Information

Company list
Company Name

Type of Industry and business fields

Job Description

Taiyo Industrial Co.,LTD

Manufacturing of electrical machinery and apparatus

*Development of PCB inspection system
(machine design, development of hardware and software)
*International sales

Seika Corporation

(The recruitment is currently suspended)

Manufacturing and sales of chemical products
(Manufacturing of high-performance resin materials, etc.)
Sales, etc.

Kishu Giken Kogyo Co.,LTD

Manufacturing and sales of industrial ink jet printers and inks International sales

Kyowa Press Industries, Inc.

Manufacturing (Processing of pressed precision sheet metal parts) CAD/CAM programming


Manufacturing Planning, designing, sewing, wholesaling, retail selling and installation of made-to-order curtains

Design, planning and sales of made-to-order curtains

Meiwa Co.,LTD.

Manufacturing of machinery and apparatus
Development, designing, manufacturing and sales of chillers, air-conditioning equipment and industrial automatic packaging machines

Designing of industrial automatic packaging machines
(mechanical or electrical designing)


Manufacturing and construction of bridges, floodgates and other structural objects made of steel Technical design
*Development and compilation of materials for production of bridges and floodgates
*Data generation for processing of steel plates mold steels and bolts necessary for manufacturing
*Data generation for NC machines such as welding robot and piercing robot
*Production management of factgories


Development, manufacturing and sales ofcomputerized flat knitting machines, design systems,CAD/CAM systems and glove and sock knittingmachines Sales
Engineering service
Engineering development


Manufacturing of metal parts Sales


Mechanical reparing

Maintenance and repair of mechanical parking systems

Maintenance, repair and parts replacement of mechanical parking systems