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Koyasan Area

Introducing tour guides of the Koyasan area. If you need a translator guide, please contact the guide.

01 Akiko Mizukami portrait photo Hello. I am a guide who can show you many wonderful places in Koya and other places in Wakayama. I have traveled a lot and I'm interested in history, so I hope to be able to share the precious time with you. I will be available to see you to Kansai airport or to send you to the airport at the end of the trip. 10,000 yen 15,000 yen PDF
02 Alena Eckelmann portrait photo I am a lay practitioner of Shingon Buddhism whose heart is Koyasan. Living nearby, I come to Koyasan often to visit all places related to Japan's Great Saint, Kobo Daishi. I have walked all pilgrimage trails around Koyasan, and the Kohechi trail from Koyasan to Kumano. I welcome you with an open heart and mind to come and enjoy Japanese spirituality and beautiful nature during all seasons. 10,000 yen 20,000 yen PDF
03 Brad Towle portrait photo The sacred mountains of the Kii peninsula encompass the essence of the spirit of Japanese. I am Canadian and have called Kumano my home for well almost two decades and am passionate about sharing it with the world. My current position is the International Tourism Promotion and Development Director for the international award-winning Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau. This position has allowed me to delve deep into the history and culture of the region, meeting extraordinary people along the way. I look forward to exploring this rich cultural landscape together. 50,000 yen 80,000 yen PDF
04 Kazuhisa Azuma yyyy ”Kazu" is a frequent English speaker of Japanese citizen who live along Nankai Koya Line withexperience of overseas travel to around 25 countries. I can pick you up at [Namba]station wheretrain originating from/to. Koyasan is the birthplace of shingon esoteric Buddhism and flourished asreligious center for 1200 years. I am very proud of introducing Mandara art, Ajikan(meditation) experience and delicious and healthy vegitarian dishes, called [Shojin ryori] over therewhile feeling daily lives of Koya town such as coffee shop, accademic and convenience store. I canalso guide you "Jisonin" where Kobodaishi's mother live. 10,000yen 15,000yen PDF
05 Miyuki Ogawa portrait photo I have fallen in love with Koyasan. I moved the ashes of my ancestors to Koyasan so it is my second hometown. Let's enjoy the historical sites as well as the delicious cuisine. My guests are assured to have an enjoyable trip that is safe and comfortable. 10,000 yen 15,000 yen PDF
06 Natsumi Hirata 999 I'm charmed by Kobo Daishi Kukai and am the person whom I moved from Kanto near Mt. Koya.Koyasan is the place where anyone can come to experience traditional ceremonies, culture,and feelthe real of Buddha. I guide not only historical structures but also Japanese habits that you'reinterested in. 10,000yen 15,000yen PDF
07 Sakiko Horiuchi portrait photo My name is Sakiko. I am a cute and friendly tour guide who is interested in Shinto and Buddhism. I was raised in Wakayama and spent ten years in Canada. In Canada, I earned a diploma in Travel and Tourism in 2010. I have experience in customer service and working in travel agencies. I have also travelled to Sri-Lanka and Indonesia as a backpacker. I will use my travel and tourism knowledge, understanding of different cultures, and travel experience in my tours. I am fluent in Japanese and English, and I know a little bit of Indonesian. I look forward to sharing my passion for Wakayama with you. I will make your day enjoyable with my beautiful smile! 10,000 yen 15,000 yen PDF
08 Satoshi Kawatani portrait photo I invite you to enjoy an informative tour with me and learn many details that you won't find in your guidebook. I am also a big fan of trekking. How about joining a trekking tour in the area surrounding Koyasan that I can customize to your desires? I have extensive trekking experience and I have completed the 1200km pilgrimage on Shikoku Island on foot. 10,000 yen 15,000 yen PDF
09 Takemi Senda 000 I am a man born in 1953 in Wakayama city and very exciting to guide you in English forKoyasan ,Kumano Kodo and Kumano Sanzan, which was registered as a World HeritageSite in 2004.I am very pleased if I can help you touching more deeply on Japanese great history, thetradition and the culture in Wakayama. I'm looking forward to seeing and talking all of you soon. 10,000yen 15,000yen PDF
10 Teruko Yasukawa portrait photo I have given guided tours for many years, so I have a great deal of experience in providing visitors to Koyasan with informative and enjoyable tours. Foreign guests regularly express their satisfaction with my guiding, and several have returned to Koyasan and requested that I be their guide. I am well-versed in the history of Koyasan, Buddhism, as well as other subjects, so I am able to provide detailed information to my guests about all aspects of Koyasan. I am proud to give quality guided tours to visitors from all over the world and to do my best to meet each guest's expectations in a welcoming and friendly manner. 10,000 yen 20,000 yen PDF
11 Yasuo Hiraishi portrait photo I am very proud of the World Heritage Sites in the Kii Mountain Range. They are not only the clusters of remains but also evidence of exchange with the outside world. It began with China and Korea more than two millennia ago. In the medieval age and modern era, how did the Japanese affect these religious, cultural, and historical influences? How did Japanese act in world history? I wish to re-consider these with my guests. I can show you new view points to Japan and I can give you new discoveries. 10,000 yen 10,000 yen PDF
12 Yasuhisa Nakajima nakajimapicture I have visited more than 300 sightseeing spots in Kansai area including Koyasan. With my experience of visiting 15 foreign counties, I wish to introduce Japanese culture and beauties of Wakayama to my guests. My guests are assured to have an enjoyable trip that is safe and comfortable. 10,000yen 15,000yen PDF
13 Katsumi Ueno uenopicture I am in possession of the Holy Order of the Shingon sect (Esoteric Buddhism) and also a certified "Sendatsu" - trainer of Shugendo (ancient mountain worship). I have an Outdoor Guide Certificate, issued by the Japan Mountain Guide Association's Mountain Guide, and am a certified American Canoe Association Kayak Instructor. Safety is at the forefront of my guiding principles and my risk management motto is "FUN will be standing On Safety." I welcome you with an open mind tu come and enjoy a great experience of spirituality in Kumano & Koya, one of the deepest sacred sites in Japan. 30,000yen 35,000yen PDF
14 Nobuhiro Tamura nobuhiro1 I work in a temple in Koyasan for more than 7 years. I have also got a license to guide the whole area of Koyasan. I studied English in UK. I will explain life of monks in a temple and more as a resident, as well as important Buddhist teachings and mysterious legends. 15,000yen 30,000yen PDF
15 Miho Kataoka Miho Kataoka When I was living abroad, I realized that how gorgeous my country, Japan, was. Such a beauty made me decided coming back to Japan. Iwould love to introduce you such a beauty of my country. Let me help you having your special memories while you are in Kansai region (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Kobe and Koyasan). I am specialized in horticuluture, plants, gardens, and traditional craft, such as indigo dye, weaving. Please let me know your interest. 15,000yen 27,000yen PDF
16 Fukuda Masako (Niu Zheng)
Fukuda Masako (Niu Zheng) 我在中国出生,小学毕业后来到日本,在日本读了中、高、大学,毕业后在中 国总领事馆工作,之后去北京生活了很多年,我深知中国与日本之间的风俗、文化、 习惯,等您来和歌山时,希望与您愉快度过,让您更加喜欢日本,喜欢和歌山。 15,000yen 25,000yen PDF
17 Muneaki Hori
Muneaki Hori No sólo el contenido en el libro de guía,sino también quiero explicar otro asuntos más profundos facilmente y divertiendo. Mantenido la seguridad durante su viaje,quiero satisfacer bastante de la Wakayama. 10,000yen 20,000yen PDF
18 Norimasa Yoshioka Norimasa Yoshioka Welcome to Japan! I live near Mt. Koya and if you wish, I can hike with you through the World heritage pilgrimage trails, which starts from the base of the mountain. I can assure you guiding about its history and sharing Japanese cultures will be an unforgettable experience for both of us! 8,000yen 12,000yen PDF
19 Chisako Yoshimura
Chisako Yoshimura Bonjour. J'habite dans le centre ville de Wakayama. Comme je suisfonctionnaire préfectorale, je ne peux être rémunérée. Je vous demande toutsimplement le frais pour aller-retour entre la gare de Wakayama et celle deKoya-san. Je peux faire le guide-interprète donc pour l'après-midi, pendant 2heures environ. J'aimerais vous présenter le charme du Mont Koya mêmedans le temps court. Merci de me contacter par mail. - - PDF
20 Mutsuko Ishida Mutsuko Ishida I was born in Wakayama and returned here after living and working overseas for more than 15 years.My aim as a licensed tour guide is to show my clients the beauty and dignity of Wakayamaprefecture but to also give visitors an insight into every-day Japan. 15,000yen 20,000yen PDF