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Wakayama Prefecture
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Relations with foreign countries
Here is an introduction of stories related to other countries.
Soy sauce Soy sauce
It is Wakayama Prefecture that created soy sauce, a condiment known the world over. It is said that the creator of soy sauce was a priest at Koukoku-ji named Kakushin during the Kamakura period. At present it is exported all over the world.

Hamaguchi Goryo Hamaguchi Goryo
Hamaguchi Gihee is a famous person from Wakayama as the founder of a soy sauce company. Hamaguchi Goryo devoted himself to making soy sauce as the seventh Gihee and also took an active part as a politician. He flourished from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period and communicated with many intellectuals. In the writings of Fukuzawa Yukichi, he was said to be "a person of broad knowledge".
He predicted a massive tidal wave from a change of waters in the sea and wells in Hiromura (Wakayama Prefecture, Hirokawa-cho at present). So he set fire to his own rice field and warned the other villagers. Writer Lafcadio Hearn was impressed with his actions and introduced him as "a living god" in his work .

Turkey Turkey
In 1890, the Turkish navy ship "Ertu rul" was shipwrecked on Wakayama Prefecture's Kushimoto-Oshima island. The storm claimed 587 lives, and only a few dozen men such as officer Haidar that survived. They dragged themselves ashore, and begged help from the people on Ohima island. The people nursed them, providing clothing, blankets, and plenty of foods. The results of this incident remain to this day, Kushimoto is a sister city of Mersin city and Yakakent town in Turkey even now.

Denmark Denmark
The Danish ship Ellen marks was sailing for Kobe, and came upon a ship which was being overcome with flames off the Hinomisaki cape on the Midwestern side of Wakayama Prefecture. The Ellen Marks desperately undertook rescue activities. Only one sailor at survived the fire, and he had fallen into the sea. Chief engineer Knudsen attached a lifesaving belt and dived into the sea to aid the distressed sailor. However, in spite of the valorous struggle of Knudsen, the pair were dragged under the sea and drowned. In Hidaka, where the body drifted ashore, a memorial tower to honor Knudsens memory was erected. At "Knudsen on Oka" (Knudsen hills) on the Hinomisaki cape, stands a monument and bronze statue of the valorous Knudsen.
oka(Knudsen hills)" on Hinomisaki cape, monument of his applauds and bronze statue are built.

Japan-U.S. amity Japan-U.S. amity
62 years before Perry landed in Japan, the merchant ship "The Lady Washington" landed at Kishimoto on Oshima island in 1791 near the southernmost tip of Wakayama Prefecture. The crew replenished their water and firewood supplies. They also tried to trade sea otter furs, but as the natives did not how to utilize these furs, these attempts failed. It was the first contact between Wakayama an the United States, and the "Japan-U.S. Amity Commemoration Building" has been erected on the spot where it took place.
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