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Historical buildings

 Wakayama castle
 Wakayama Castle was constructed in 1585 by Hidenaga Toyotomi, the younger brother of Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi Toyotomi ordered him to build it after attacking Kishu to control the area. In 1619 Yorinobu Tokugawa the 10th son of Ieyasu Tokugawa took over the castle and it became one of the three outposts of the Tokugawa family. In 1846 the castle tower was struck by lightning. It was severely damaged and was rebuilt, but was burned down again in 1945 by wartime air strikes. In 1958 it was reconstructed to look as it did during the Edo period.
Wakayama-shi ichibancho

Kimiidera is famous for having the earliest cherry blossoms in the Kansai region. There are many historically significant buildings such as important cultural assets: Sakuramon, Rokkakudo, and Tahouto. Close to Wakayama castle, in the Edo Period Kimiidera was a common place for lords to come to pray for the prosperity of the Tokugawa Family.
Wakayama-shi Kimiidera 1201

Built in 1000 by the order of the Ichijo emperor, it was cared for by the Kishu Tokugawa clan through the Edo period. There is a Kishu Tokogawa clan family graveyard, and many precious cultural assets such as Hondo (main hall), Tahoto, and Daimon, which are designated as national treasure, are also here.

689 Kami Kainan-shi

During the period of civil war, it built up a large fortune through various business activities and organized an armed group of priests called "Negoroshu." After that, Hideyoshi Toyotomi destroyed almost every building in the compound. Negoro-ji is resplendent with stunning scenery and beautiful gardens.
Oaza Negoro Iwade-shi

An important national cultural asset built in 701, there are many stories related to this temple such as the sad, romantic tale "Anchin Kiyohime." Anchin is a traveling priest who betrays princess Kiyohime's love and runs away and hides under a large bell. Kiyohime is so angry that she turns into a huge snake, and burns Anchin, bell and all. "Kaminagahime" tells the story of the construction of Dojo-ji.
1738 Kanemaki Hidakagawa-cho Hidaka-gun

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